Meet Larry

Larry Porta is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Addiction Professional. He achieved his BS in Psychology from Michigan State University. He then received his MA in Counseling, at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Larry owned and operated a large private counseling practice in central Florida. This is where he and his wife, Becky, raised their three children. Larry then decided it was time to simplify life, and made the decision to move to beautiful Michigan where he opened another private practice. Larry recently made the decision to leave his practice in Gaylord, MI to relocate to our beautiful Tri-Cities region to work alongside his son and serve the members of our community.

Larry Porta is an avid outdoorsman who loves fly-fishing, archery, surfing, canoeing, camping and hunting. He travels throughout the United States in pursuit of these adventures, and he loves sharing these moments with others. Counseling does not just have to happen in an office setting, hence the creation of BraveHeart Adventures. BraveHeart Adventures is one of his favorite ways to further the counseling process. These trips can help you get away from everything, so that you may be able to see things with a clearer mind.

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